When you are divorced, or when a parent with primary custody of children remarries, there are often financial issues related to the child custody arrangement. Biological parents are legally obligated to provide financial support to their children after a divorce or separation, and the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines are generally used to determine the quantity and frequency of those payments. Our Knoxville child custody lawyers can help you understand these laws and work to secure a financial arrangement that is fair for your family.

The Law Offices of Rebecca Bell Jenkins serves clients in Knoxville and its surrounding areas in matters involving family and marital law. Its legal team provides consultations on various child support topics and helps clients with modifying and enforcing child support agreements. Its attorneys are trained collaborative divorce practitioners and are listed by the Tennessee Supreme Court as Rule 31 Family Mediators.

With more than 40 years of experience, this firm advises parents on their parental responsibilities and assists them with seeking custody or visitation rights. Its child support attorneys have assisted clients with modifying and enforcing their child support agreements, including in cases where the other party failed to pay support. The firm also handles other aspects of family law, such as guardianship and conservatorship cases.

The father’s rights practice of Justice, Noel & Burks focuses on providing assistance to families in Tennessee. Its attorneys represent clients in private negotiations and jury trials regarding divorce, paternity, and father’s rights claims. They also assist clients in filing for protection orders and conservatorships, and help them with obtaining child support payments.

Its attorney, Samuel B. Tipton, served as an airborne ranger with the U.S. Army and is a member of the Military Veterans Council of America. His practice is based in Knoxville, and it represents clients with divorces, property division, child custody disputes, and order protections. Its clients can seek modifications to existing child support agreements, and it is possible to prove that there has been a substantial change in circumstances to warrant this.

A certified specialist in divorce and family law, this law firm has been recognized for its client service and ethical representation by being named a Lead Counsel Verified lawyer. The certification process involves a rigorous review of an attorney’s background, credentials, and reputation, and requires that they maintain good standing with their bar associations. A child support lawyer from this firm can help clients with various issues, such as determining the amount of child support that is needed to cover a variety of expenses, including medical costs and education. They can also help clients with enforcing existing agreements and defending against claims of nonpayment. They can also assist with other aspects of family law, such as adoptions and prenuptial agreements. They can also handle restraining orders and other legal matters for individuals with criminal records. Clients can contact the firm by phone or fill out an online form to set up a consultation.

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